ENCORE: How To Overcome The Crippling Fear Of Launching A New Product Or Service

Selling the Couch

Aug 3 2023 • 33 mins

In any solo episode, I love to be transparent in sharing the behind-the-scenes processes in the entrepreneurial journey. On social media, we see highlights and the finished product, but we rarely see the struggle and obstacles in getting there.

Today’s focus is on confronting and overcoming fear as I go through the process of building a new product. My hope is that this episode will give you encouragement and inspiration to keep going in whatever new endeavors you undertake.

You’ll Learn

Three ways to combat the voices of doubt and fear:

Work on showing the imperfect side of building something vs. just the finished product

Learning and growing “in the open” helps others learn from both your failures and successes. (From Show Your Work, see Resources)

Bringing what you fear will be judged by others can help dissipate the fear and bring encouragement and support.

  • Realize that the first version of anything will not be the final version.
  • Putting out beta versions during the development process reduces the pressure to “get it perfect.”
  • Getting feedback on beta versions is not an indictment of my expertise. (Use Survey Monkey, see Resources)
  • Create an emotional and brainstorming safety net.
  • Using layers of family, friends, and colleagues will create a support circle for you.
  • Getting emotional, practical, and technical support will vary according to the stages in which you find yourself.


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Show Your Work by Austin Kleon

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