6AMRun.com & Guest - Mike Chisholm

6AM Run

Jun 24 2022 • 41 mins

Join 6AMRun.com Founder & CEO Hami Mahani, & co-host Ari F. as we introduce you to Mike Chisholm. Mike Chisholm is the host of HeCast: The Official Podcast of HeChangedIt, a show dedicated to men’s mental wellness. He is also the co-author of personal development memoir ‘She Changed Me; One Ordeal, Two Perspectives,’ the book he penned along with his wife chronicling the life lessons they learned during their then 18 month old granddaughter’s fight with cancer. Mike is an entrepreneur and has built a business in the financial services industry and spent over 20 years in the marketing department and as a corporate trainer for Costco Wholesale. He also helped raise over $250,000 for local charity as the co founder and co promoter of Invasion Championship Wrestling.
A self described student of personal development and entertainment, Mike uses his dynamic personality, relentless positive attitude and superior skills at building rapport and relationships to inspire and motivate people to live better lives. Visit: HeChangedIt.com

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