Trans Visibility with Kimber Chronic

What's the Pasta Podcast

Feb 23 2022 • 56 mins

Johnny interviews trans representative, music artist, DJ, and friend Kimber Chronic about the trans experience and trans visibility.  Together, they discuss trans identities and pronouns, the trans journey, the challenges, hardships, and injustices trans people face, and how allies can help trans people achieve equity and equality.  This conversation is an opportunity for everyone to listen and learn more about the trans community and how we can create world in which the trans community is not only accepted but also celebrated!  Additionally, the episode touches on the fabulous Kimber Chronic, her music career, and how you can connect with her!

Kimber Chronic is a singer, songwriter, musician, and DJ based in West Hollywood, CA. Attend one of her sets, stream her music, and connect further with her via the information below.

Kimber Chronic's Information:
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