Scorpio Season Shadow Work

What's the Pasta Podcast

Oct 27 2021 • 42 mins

Johnny discusses using Scorpio Season (October 23-November 21) as an opportunity to do Shadow Work - deep, inner work with the shadow self that often leads to transformation and rebirth.   Johnny provides you with an overview of the sign of Scorpio and the subject of Shadow Work, highlighting where the 2 intersect.  From there he cautiously invites you to mindfully explore Shadow Work of your own during this season (only if you are in a space to do so).  With that, he provides you with some prompts and practices to consider.  Johnny concludes this episode with a brief Shadow Work Meditation for you to practice.
The meditation begins at the 35:25 minute mark.
Disclaimer: Some of the contents of this episode may potentially spark reflection that could result in various triggers.

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