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This is a podcast about running and storytelling. Each episode we’ll talk to a runner and hear their story. Running is never just about running there’s always so much more to it!

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Deo Kato - Running From Cape Town to London for  Justice
Jul 14 2023
Deo Kato - Running From Cape Town to London for Justice
Deo Kato is a Ugandan-born trail runner who has grown up in London, UKDeo will attempt to traverse 14 countries across 2 continents and cover 14,570kilometres (9,053 miles) with 53,400m of elevation, running across deserts and grasslands, covering 8 times the height of Everest and everything in between over 381 days. Inspired by the Montgomery Bus Boycott of 1955, when African Americans in Alabama staged a civil rights protest for 381 days. This journey will take Deo the same number of days. Starting from Cape Town, South Africa, finishing in London, United Kingdom from Monday the 24th July 2023 and arriving back in London on 7th August 2024 Following the murder of George Floyd in the US city of Minneapolis, Deo committed to running a minimum of 10 km a day for 381 days, starting on 6th June 2020 to 21st June 2021. The 381 Days: Running For Justice movement then turned into a relay, and the run community took on stints of running 10 km daily for the second and third years of the campaign. Deo wants to show the next generation that nothing is impossible, highlight where humanity first walked on earth and be the first person in history to run from Cape Town to London.In  2021 London Marathon Events awarded Deo the Spirit of the London Marathon award. In the same year, together with a team of 6 runners, Deo ran the Charlie Ramsay Round Challenge to become the first group of Black and Brown people as part of the Black Trail Runners (BTR) community to runto the highest peaks in the UK. In 2022, he ran the London Marathon twice, from the finish line to the start line and then from the start line to the finish line. Also, with the BTR community, Deo completed The Speed Project, a 350-mile race from LA to Las Vegas in2022.LinksDeoruns InstagramDeoruns381 Instagramwww.deoruns.comBlack Trail RunnersRunning while Black by Allison M DésirGuardians of the GalaxySupport the show