Venture Capital For Black Founders Featuring: RESILIENT VENTURES

The Hawk Vision Podcast

Jun 6 2022 • 55 mins

Resilient Ventures founded by Keith Daniel and Tom Droege, is an early stage, committed capital fund supporting African American founders. They’re embarking on a historic movement to disrupt systemic economic injustices facing black founders by expanding access to capital, networks, and opportunities. In this episode, this powerhouse duo based out of North Carolina discusses how they got their start in both entrepreneurship and venture capital work. From there, we talked about closing the wealth gap, what it takes for business owners to gain access to capital, and how historic injustices have created so many hurdles to creating generational wealth for back families. If you are an entrepreneur seeking to learn more about the world of venture capital or the stages of business needed for a successful startup… this episode is for you.

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