Introducing The Free Sisterhood and Somatics Mastermind :)

The Liberated Latina Podcast - Marketing, Energetics, & Visibility for Women of Color Coaches

Jul 26 2022 • 3 mins

Now there's a way for you to integrate the embodiment shifts we talk about here IN REAL LIFE!!

On July 28th at 12 PM EST, we are starting Sisterhood and Somatics -

Which is a FREE monthly mastermind for skilled coaches who are ready to go deeper than mindset and mantras in order to facilitate higher-earning months.

You Can Expect To:

-Align your subconscious with the next-level results you desire through simple somatic practices that upgrade limiting beliefs at the root

-Create collaboration and referral partners by connecting with other masterful coaches

-Attract high-caliber clients and opportunities with tangible practices to amp up your marketing and showcase your genius

For access info, be sure to join the private FB Group and leave your email so I can send you zoom links and reminders!

I can't wait to support you. Let's make your dreams a reality.