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Welcome to Everyday Demand Generation. This podcast will cover everyday insights about demand generation, programs, and marketing. This includes: - Tactical breakdowns of things that I am doing in my everyday life as a Demand Gen Marketer - Learnings that I have gathered from failures and successes - Recommendations of tools, and reviews of tools that I have used, including a breakdown of how I used them, operationalized them, etc. And some much more. I would love to have you join this journey with me, so please subscribe and provide me with as much feedback as physically possible. Liam has worked with enterprise companies and performed successful SEO, Content, and Demand Generation strategies for over 4 years now. He is an award finalist in the US Search Awards for 2 separate awards and is an industry thought leader in SaaS SEO. He currently is the Head of Demand Gen at Bionic. He is an ex-SEO consultant for Directive and an ex-SEO Manager of the Harness marketing team. You can see the podcast on Spotify, Apple Podcasts, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more.

Ep. 5: SEO Metrics You Must Measure
Dec 15 2020
Ep. 5: SEO Metrics You Must Measure
On This Week in SEO, we talk metrics. We all know that there are metrics that are important, but what are the ones that you should align your goals with? Liam talks about what metrics you should measure, how you work towards determining these metrics, and why testing is so important. Hope you enjoy! Topic #1: METRICS METRIC DEPENDS ON THE END GOAL  - Affiliate site: If the end goals is ad impressions, traffic & revenue should be the metrics  - SaaS: if you are driving qualified leads, pipeline should be the metric  - eCommerce: if you are selling, revenue is the metric (or influenced sales) WHY PIPELINE SHOULD BE YOUR SAAS METRIC  - There is a dollar amount attributed - qualified leads are great, but they don’t have a dollar value, and therefore can’t determine ROI  - They are DEFINITELY qualified leads  - You can simply determine ROI DON’T COMPLICATE THINGS When you throw too many metrics into the mix, you are potentially causing several issues:  - Overanalyzing the data, and...  - Improperly attributing successes Topic #2: HOW TO WORK TOWARDS METRIC DETERMINE TOP SOURCES OF SUCCESS  - Which portions of the website generate the highest volume of traffic and conversions, what is the behavior flow of those portions of the website, what does a typical buyer’s journey look like FIND CONSISTENT NEEDS OF TARGET AUDIENCE  - What do your prospects ALWAYS talk to your sales team about? ANALYZE COMPETITOR CONTENT STRATEGIES  - What are they doing that is working?   - What is the goal of those campaigns?   - How are they taking users and turning them into customers? DEVELOP STRATEGY TOWARDS THAT GOAL  - How do you take the whole picture and turn it into a strategy?  - How do you get your team bought in?  - How do you get your users to buy into what you are selling? Topic #3: TEST. TEST. TEST. ITS OKAY TO FAIL The only way for you to actually get to the point of knowing what drives revenue or change, and what does not. SOOOO test away.