OuLiPo: a creative literary method, with guest Terry Freedman

The Matterhorn with Dr. Kathleen Waller

May 4 2023 • 37 mins

Today, I’m speaking with Terry Freedman about Oulipo and experimentation with writing, which are both part of a new thread on Terry’s Substack publication called Eclecticism: Reflections on literature and life. He will also be offering a workshop on this topic next month.

Terry has spent his career in education, first as a teacher of Economics, then as a teacher of Computing, followed by spells in a government body, local authority and independent consultancy. He’s been a freelance writer in the field of education since 1989, and also writes about education, literature, writing and anything else that takes his fancy.

Workshop : https://www.citylit.ac.uk/courses/writing-the-oulipo-a-taster

What is Oulipo? Via Poetry Foundation

The Guardian on Oulipo

Origins of Experiments in Style on Terry Freedman’s newsletter: Eclectecism: Reflections on literature and life

Examples from Terry's newsletter

Further examples

The Matterhorn on Substack: https://thematterhorn.substack.com/about

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