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Our Editor's Take

The Rooster Teeth podcast offers up an examination of pop culture news. It's all provided by the Rooster Teeth team. Rooster Teeth is a digital media company known for the Red vs. Blue web series. That timely and unique approach to content pushed the brand to global fandom. Since then their popularity has grown. Rooster Teeth productions from Warner Media is home to a massive online community. It's a boundary-pushing studio. Their podcast covers everything from gaming to films to internet phenomena.

New episodes drop every week. The conversations are engaging and draw the audience in. Topics range from gaming to current events. Listeners can count on the Rooster Teeth team to have fascinating takes and interesting insights. Cloned cats, hilarious stories, video games, and insane discussions are all found here. The crew shares updates on new projects, their thoughts on films, and more. It's a great conversational podcast. It's tied together by clever banter and an evident depth of knowledge of the topics at hand.

For gamers and those interested in entertainment culture in general, the Rooster Teeth podcast has a lot on offer. This podcast is a nostalgic reflection for original fans of Red vs. Blue. All episodes of the Rooster Teeth podcast are available now on Amazon Music.

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