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Ep#65 Leadership skills #1 - Top 4 Executive Skills
Feb 9 2023
Ep#65 Leadership skills #1 - Top 4 Executive Skills
I help men emerge from burnout, which I love to do. Seeing a man get back on his feet, return to the helm of his life and enjoy work, people and life is delightful. Watching his career blossom again- it's magic. Hearing the quality of his relationships deepen - excellent!But it doesn't stop there. The high-achieving men who come to me are natural born leaders, but they're often held back by hidden forces within themselves.Leadership skills are just skills. Anyone can learn them. I teach them, as most men I work with have risen through the ranks as a top-flight professional working hands-on in their area of expertise - physicians, accountants, lawyers, financiers, business consultants, academics  business owners, sales executives and so on.These people may be in management positions, but they have often not been taught how to transition to a leadership that fully reflects their many talents. So this episode is the first of 4 on developing all the foundation leadership skills to fast-track your leadership career journey. ----------------------------------- Burnout Resources:Get 1-on-1 burnout recovery coaching at https:/mini.dexrandall.comLearn FREE video tips on Burnout Recovery Start Here: https://go.dexrandall.com/startFor even more TIPS see FACEBOOK: @coachdexrandallINSTAGRAM: @coachdexrandallLINKEDIN: @coachdexrandallTWITTER: @coachdexrandallor join the FACEBOOK group for burnout coaches onlyhttps://www.facebook.com/groups/1030925731159138See https://linktr.ee/coachdexrandall for all links