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The podcast for slightly dented execs and professionals seeking massive success, strong leadership and fulfilment. Weekly tips and techniques for high-achieving Type A professionals to beat burnout and restore outstanding leadership, performance and ease at work. Podcast hosted by Master Burnout Coach Dex Randall.
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Ep116 Overcoming Learned Helplessnes
Mar 14 2024
Ep116 Overcoming Learned Helplessnes
Send us a Text Message.Are your feeling burned out and stuck because of learned helplessness? It can happen to anyone! In a burnout context, Learned Helplessness can simply be an old pattern of thinking amenable to gentle self-supporting change. e.g. for me, around academic success.Overcoming it will help you regain control of your life. Becoming curious about where and why you feel helpless can help you see through its false ideas and find ways to support yourself, become stronger, and feel better overall.N.B. If your experience is trauma-related, please instead seek medical/therapeutic help. Show NotesQ1: What learned helplessness do you have?Q2: When did you first learn this helplessness?Q3: How or why did you feel out of control then?Q4: How could you think about yourself now, that empowers you and acknowledges your strengths?Self-Compassion, Kristin NeffEp 6 Stop Feeling Out of Control Ep 21 Setting BoundariesEp 23 Imposter SyndromeEp 26 Helpless Rage Ep 33 I Can't Do It Ep 35 Taking Your Power BackEp 56 Victimhood v Authority----------------------------------- Burnout Resources:Get 1-on-1 burnout recovery coaching at https:/mini.dexrandall.comBurnout Recovery eCourse: https://go.dexrandall.com/beatburnoutFor even more TIPS see FACEBOOK: @coachdexrandallINSTAGRAM: @coachdexrandallLINKEDIN: @coachdexrandallTWITTER: @coachdexrandallor join the FACEBOOK group for burnout coaches onlyhttps://www.facebook.com/groups/1030925731159138See https://linktr.ee/coachdexrandall for all links