All Systems Go! Our new VR setup, exploring AltSpace, VRChat, Tilt Brush and Facebook VR art communities

Zero to Start VR Podcast: Unity development from concept to Oculus test channel

May 7 2020 • 27 mins

We're back! Thanks to Berkeley Community Media, Melanie has a new VR-ready gaming PC and is all set with Unity Hub and the Oculus Rift CV1. On this episode we reflect on my early days in VR (way back in 2015) and my first GearVR project, how VR development keeps you on your toes, we dive into Melanie's new PC and the VR experiences she's been exploring including AltSpace and VRChat. We also highlight a few of the many thriving VR art communities on Facebook that will inspire you on your VR journey and more.

As always, stay focused in dev mode with our weekly music playlists on YouTube: Elements and The Gamma

Happy Installing!

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