Is It Worth It? - How to Decide Which Opportunities to Pursue with Aaron Walker

The Eternal Optimist

Nov 22 2022 • 44 mins

Are the tangible assets you’re pursuing worth the relational capital you’re spending?

Just because you are providing for your family financially doesn’t mean you’re meeting all of their needs. Yes, you may have a pocket full of money, but you must realize there is no greater gift than the love of family.

Aaron is a professional coach, mastermind group facilitator, and author of View From The Top. For 42 years, Aaron has been a successful businessman and owner of fourteen lucrative businesses. He got his first taste of real accountability in a business Mastermind group, where he developed genuine friendships and grew alongside Dave Ramsey, Dan Miller, Ken Abraham, and others. Now, as a life and business coach, he uses his experience to help grow people’s success and significance.

Topics Covered:

00:00 Introduction

03:20 How Aaron maintains youthful vibrance 12 years after retirement

04:27 Challenging parts of Aaron’s early life

07:15 How Aaron let go of his big ego

09:39 Real strength lies in the intersection between transparency and vulnerability

13:23 How Dave Ramsey’s mastermind transformed Aaron’s life

17:51 The value of being in an active mastermind group

21:04 The people you need around you for long-term success

23:17 Stop taking advice from everybody

24:09 Aaron’s core values

27:55 Using core values as a filter in everything you do

30:24 Tips for deciding the right opportunities to pursue

32:13 Why you need to turn away from some opportunities

36:38 Financial provision is not all it takes to meet your family’s needs

40:12 The kind of legacy Aaron would like to leave behind

42:12 Parting thoughts

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