Music as Medicine for ADHD

The HealthyADHD Podcast

Sep 17 2020 • 54 mins

Today I bring you an inspiring interview with my new friend, Ian Walker.

Like many of us Ian grew up in a time when the ADHD diagnosis wasn't as common. He experienced the bullying, academic struggles, and low self-confidence that so many of us do. But Ian developed his own, "medicine" for ADHD that he now shares with the world.

Listen in as we discuss:
- The role of faith in treating his ADHD
- You can't screw up when it comes to worship
- Developing an inner sense of security through music
- How music became the best medicine for ADHD and managing emotions
- the divine inspiration for writing his book, and the writing process

Ian has big plans to carry his message of Music Therapy for ADHD to everyone.

His podcast The Arts Report will be available soon!

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