0.3 – The Horror Corridor – Spooky Streets

Dice Punks

Oct 30 2021 • 2 hrs 39 mins

A surprise, spooky, seasonal one-shot, GMed by Joanne, who played Roux in our PSIONICS one-shot! Can a mismatched group of high-school weirdos survive an otherworldly encounter in local haunted-house attraction The Horror Corridor with nothing but their wits, each other, and the godlike power to access the abilities of their costumes? Listen, and see! Check out Tricks, Treats, and Spooky Streets on itch.io! Visit Ash (the cottagecore demon)'s Instagram!As the poet said… "Nobody Likes You (When You're Dead)" by Zombina and the Skeletones "Lullaby for the Haunted" by Robin, with extremely haunted baby piano by Drew. “Theme of the Dice Punks, Acoustic Version" by Drew Messinger-Michaels. Art by Joanne Spotswood. Visit us on the web at dicepunks.com and on Twitter at @dicepunks, or email us as dicepunks@gmail.com! Our Patreon is www.patreon.com/DicePunks — backers can gain access to our patron-only Discord, Dice Peeks aftershow, and