Mark Madden

Mark Madden (WXDX)

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Our Editor's Take

Few cities have as excitable a sports fan base as Pittsburgh does. Even fewer talk show hosts become fixtures of their hometown like Mark Madden. The Mark Madden podcast features segments of the popular Pennsylvania sports radio show.

Madden has been working as a sports commentator for over three decades. To many, the podcast host is well-known for his time in professional wrestling. He was a Pro Wrestling Torch magazine writer in the early 1990s. This would lead to him working for World Championship Wrestling as a color commentator. In addition to his work as a radio show host, he also writes a regular column for TribLive.

Longtime fans of Mark Madden know that he is never one to run away from controversial opinions. The podcast host is open about his love of the Pittsburgh Penguins and his complicated feelings toward the Steelers. If someone brings up the Pirates, Madden will bring the full force of his intellect to task. That intellect is considerable, considering he has an IQ of 166.

Mark Madden features the longtime host doing what he does best. His thoughts on pop culture, Pittsburgh sports, and professional wrestling are insightful. His decades-long career began by saying what others think but won't dare say out loud. That unflinching candor is why audiences continue to love Madden. The host was also critical of Joe Paterno, the former Penn State football coach. Paterno lost his job in 2011 over his handling of the Jerry Sandusky scandal.

The Mark Madden radio program is a drive-time show. Each episode is equivalent to one broadcast hour on the host's WXDX radio show. This means that listeners who miss an episode of the radio show, or even part of one, can find a replay here. New episodes of the podcast premiere the same day as each radio broadcast.

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