Sunday 12-8-2019

FBC Clarion Podcast

Dec 9 2019 • 30 mins

Matthew 2 & Luke 1

Do you want to experience something new or greater from and with God? (Really consider this)

Experience movement of God. New and greater things. Transformed and amazed.  Crisis of faith.  See God working and join Him there. It will be uncomfortable, challenging and scary.

Then you need to be prepared to be troubled!

3 Examples of people who were "Troubled" by God

"Troubled" - fear

God's Activity - Birth of Jesus Christ

1. King Herod Matthew 2:1-5

The Greatest Idol in Existence = MEMYSELFANDIism

He Reacted with selfish Interest. He didn't like that there would be another King. So he had babies slaughtered.

2. Zechariah the High Priest Luke 1:10-20

Served the Lord in the Temple.  He was troubled by Good News from the Angel Gabriel

He reacted with doubt


1. He Can

2. He will

3. He wants to

3. Mary - Luke 1:26-38

Mary was Greatly troubled, but was willing to do God's will despite the Cost

She reacted with courage and willingness.  She reacts the best

If you really want to see God active, deal with this scripture

"BEHOLD, I am the servant of the Lord; Let it be to me according to your word."

Deal with means

1. Meditate

2. Journal

3. Memorize

4. Pray