Taste of Informatics

Informatics+, College of Informatics, Northern Kentucky University

Informatics is about finding human meaning in a world of data. Join us in the Informatics Café as an eclectic variety of experts have coffee with our host to discuss topics across communication, business, technology and science from their unique perspectives. We come to you from the campus of Northern Kentucky University, on a hilltop overlooking the skyline of Cincinnati.
Women in Coffee: Documenting Disparity, Connections, and ChangeCloud Computing: On-demand and In-demandScience Around Cincy: STEM with a twistHealthcare Advocacy - adding clarity and understanding to a confusing medical landscapeIoT: Exploring the potential of the Internet of ThingsKnow Rivalry: What makes rivals?Deep Learning & Artificial Intelligence: Opportunities across business and societyInformation Technology as a careerWhat is informatics?