Waiting on EdTech w/ The Tech Rabbi

Learning Machine: The Uncertain Future of Education

May 14 2022 • 50 mins

On this week's episode we interview Michael Cohen, the Tech Rabbi. Michael is both a designer and an educator, as well as the author of the recent book Educated by Design, which outlines methods for bringing design thinking and creativity into the classroom - Michael is a big fan of creativity.  Our conversation started from the recognition that the promise of technology in education has not always been the reality for students on the ground, but moved to consider the ways in which the democratization of education is being propelled by the students and teachers make real use of tech in the classroom. Nathan, Raven, and Sam debate the question: Has the impact of technology been slower in education than on other sectors of society? Join us and reddit, twitter, or instagram to continue the conversation!

For more information about our guest, visit his website at www.thetechrabbi.com - you can also follow Michael on twitter: @TheTechRabbi.  To learn how to help support the podcast, visit our website at www.learningmachinepodcast.com

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