How Sins Are Atoned in Our Days (With No Temple), What is Heaven's Court?, and The Creator's Love

Freedom Through Faith

Aug 11 2021 ā€¢ 11 mins

How sins are atoned in our generation. - The judgements of Heaven's Court. The system by which the world is judged, and the power that is above the judgements - the Creator's love. Join this channel to get access to our private Q&A with Rav dror as well as perks. Rav Dror shares wisdom and advice for every soul and situation. If you like this video, please LIKE, COMMENT, and SHARE it so others can enjoy it too, and remember to SUBSCRIBE to stay connected. Support Rav Dror to make more video content like this. Donate using the link below. Options to donate monthly are also available through our website. Your support helps us continue our activities to share faith around the globe. Donate Here: PayPal- Cashapp- $ilpcourse Zelle- 321-440-0788 Venmo- @ilpcourse Rav Dror's books are sold exclusively through his online store. He's written books for children and adults. These wonderful books are available in print and e-Book versions. These purchases also help us continue our work to share faith and pure inspiration with the world. Shop Rav Dror's Books and more: Rav Drorā€™s Exclusive Learning Program offers a more personal connection with Rav Dror. Our online community connects members around the planet. Members meet with Rav Dror in a weekly webinar to ask questions, chat, and learn private teachings. Learn more here: (or email Rav Dror offers private consultations to individuals, couples, and families. Many satisfied clients have sought his advice for everything from marital peace to spiritual direction. To schedule a private conversation with Rav Dror, send an email to šŸ—£Follow Rav Dror across social media to follow his mission of sharing faith and Holy inspiration to the world. To Contact Rav Dror or join our Whatsapp Broadcasting List, send a WhatsApp to +972528443917. May the Creator Bless you always.