From Uber Driving To 6 & 7 Figure Days (Ft. Eileen Wilder)

Million Dollar Secrets

Nov 4 2022 • 36 mins

Welcome To The Million Dollar Secrets Podcast! A weekly show specifically designed for online entrepreneurs who want to start and scale their business to 6-7 figures and beyond. Michael shares his knowledge and even brings on some of the top entrepreneurs from across the nation to share their stories and "secrets" that got them to where they are today. Be ready to learn, laugh, and maybe even cry as we help you dive into some of the top-secrets of the 1%. - In today's episode, we brought on the "Queen Of Stages", Eileen Wilder! Eileen and her family went from living off of an Uber-driver income to making 6 figures... IN ONE DAY! She has spoken on stages with Russell Brunson, Tony Robins, Kevin Harrington, and even Dan Kennedy! When you listen to her teach, you will immediately recognize that she is one of the most masterful communicators and teachers you have ever heard... Plus, her virtual event strategies are BONKERS and in this episode, she spills all of the beans! Make sure to take notes and leave a review below if you find resonate with Eileen's story! - Connect With Eileen Wilder: - Connect With Michael Tucker Learn How To Master Virtual Events In 2-Days: