Raise Your Belief: The Laws Of Wealth (Ft. Damon Dillard)

Million Dollar Secrets

Aug 21 2023 • 48 mins

What does it take to move the masses in a way that you make the most impact and you make the most #money ? 🧐 In this episode, Damon Dillard breaks down how he's been able to implement a few secret skills to generate more influence in less time with his audience... And in return, build his #wealth to new heights. P.S. - If you're an online entrepreneur who wants to use virtual stages to grow your #business make sure to watch the first 15 minutes! - Leverage Virtual Stages To Spread Your Message To The Masses: https://www.VirtualStageSecrets.com - Watch On YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/@officialmichaeltucker - About Damon Dillard: Damon Dillard, also known as “The HIGH INCOME Sales Coach” is first and foremost, a BELIEVER! As a husband, father, mentor and coach, he BELIEVES that the GREATEST SALE he has ever made, was The SALE to HIMSELF of his OWN potential! After barely graduating high school with a 1.7 GPA, leaving college as a sophomore and working and being FIRED from over 20 jobs between 18 - 28, he was BROKE, BROKEN, a BEAT UP by life! The WORLD spoke about his “potential” but he was behind and PROMISES and lacking PURPOSE! It was THEN he remembered a principle, “ALL THINGS are POSSIBLE to THOSE that BELIEVE!!! Mentorship and Grace Reignited his PASSION and ZEAL for life! He then created a Sales Organization that created over $20,000,000 in revenue over the next five years! He has trained over 700 sales professionals and created over 50 documented six figure income earners! He know travels the world sharing the TRUTH about YOUR potential and BREAKING THE BARRIERS of your BELIEF to BREAKTHROUGH to your OWN SUCCESS and FULFILLMENT!