The Secret to Mastering Work-Life Balance ft. Jossie Haines

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Jun 30 2023 • 39 mins

Join Vidal and his special guest Jossie Haines, executive coach and former VP of Software Engineering, in this enlightening discussion on work-life balance, or as Jossie prefers to call it, work-life integration. The concept may seem like a contradiction at first. Still, Jossie delves deep into its philosophy and discusses the importance of prioritizing self-care and setting strict boundaries between work and personal life. Jossie shares her experiences and challenges in the tech industry and talks about her transition from an engineering VP to a women's executive coach. She also shares her insights on how inclusivity can improve a company's performance and why creating a culture where everyone's voice is heard is important. Want to learn more about Jossie's journey into coaching and consulting services or her take on work-life balance in the tech industry? Make sure to watch the video till the end. Key Moments and Questions: (01:06) - Jossie explains her philosophy on work-life balance, emphasizing an integrated approach that works for each individual's needs. (02:30) - Jossie discusses setting an example for her team by prioritizing self-care activities, such as Pilates, during her working hours. (03:30) - Jossie talks about the pressures and impacts of Zoom meetings on overall productivity and work-life balance. (05:00) - Jossie recommends strategies for preventing burnout, like listening to your body's signals and caring for your mental health. (06:30) - A discussion on jobs in tech that are naturally good or bad for work-life balance. (10:30) - Jossie shares an insight into her career transition from being an engineering leader to a coach. (13:00) - Talk on the implementation and effectiveness of DEI programs in organizations. (16:30) - Jossie explains the challenges faced by women in engineering and how she helps them through her coaching. (31:00) - Jossie reflects on managing the risk and uncertainty of transitioning from a stable job to a self-employed consultant or coach. (33:30) - Jossie shares her typical day as a coach and consultant, emphasizing the importance of self-care and discipline. (36:00) - Jossie talks about work-life balance regarding the importance of genuine human connection beyond digital platforms, which is critical for mental wellness. (38:55) - Jossie wraps up by discussing the best ways to connect with her. Jossie's LinkedIn Profile, ------------------------------------------------------------------- ABOUT ME: I'm Vidal, an entrepreneur, author, podcaster, and engineering leader working in the SF Bay Area. I am on a mission to help and inspire engineering leaders everywhere! 📚 MY BOOKS: ⭐️ The Software Engineering Manager Interview Guide ⭐️ New! Behavioral Interview Blueprint: A Proven Guide to Ace Your Next Job Interview ⭐️ Effective One-on-Ones: A Handbook for Managers: Mastering Productive and Meaningful Meetings for Managerial Success ⭐️ Time Management Tips for Engineering Managers ⭐️ How to Write an Engineering Manager Resume, 🗣️ Join Managers Club: A Collaborative Discord Community for Engineering Leaders !! 🔗 CONNECT WITH ME: ⭐️ My website: ⭐️ LinkedIn: ⭐️ Twitter: ⭐️ ManagersClub LinkedIn Group: ⭐️ TikTok:

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