Everything you want is on the other side of hard

Inside The Mirror

Jun 22 2022 • 13 mins

Hey friends!

In this episode I talked about something I've been really focused on lately and if you're close to me you've heard me say this repeatedly, "everything you want is on the other side of hard."

Whatever it is you want in life, money, success, relationships, happiness, etc,
all of it is on the other side of hard things, hard work, hard situations, hard conversations, hard lessons. getting what you want out of life requires that you do hard things, there's no way around it...

If you're already doing the hard things, keep going!

If you've been avoiding hard things, I would encourage you to think about what happens if you just stay where you are, you will never get what you want, take action now.

Hope this was helpful.

Be back soon,

God bless


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