Fail more, fail fast, fail well.

Inside The Mirror

Apr 27 2022 • 14 mins

What's going on friends, I hope you're all healthy and well!

In this weeks episode I was inspired by these words from Chris Heaslip on an episode of the
"One Shot Podcast" with Dallas Cowboy Legend Darren Woodson and Tyler Clutts.

Chris said, "double your rate of failure."

This statement has sat with me since I heard it,
so in this episode,
I unpack what I believe he means by that and why it's so important if you want to succeed at things in life.

This got me fired up and really inspired, if you know Chris, you know he's a really motivating dude.

And if you don't know him well....
Go listen to the One shot Podcast episode with him! :)

Thank you all so much for taking the time to listen to me talk, it's super humbling.

I'm grateful for each one of you and I pray this podcast is of encouragement to you.

Catch you next time,

God Bless!


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