Shes a 10 Times 5

Laurie Jabbar and Lisa O'Coyne

Welcome to She's a 10...Times 5! Yes, you got it! That equals the big 5-0! Two Mamas, two wives, two entrepreneurs, who happen to be friends learning the ropes of being 50. We are your hosts... Lisa and Laurie and we invite you to listen along as we try to figure out "what's next" and we transition from "everyone needs me" to "what do I need?" Through relatable topics and experienced guests, we invite you to be a part of "A-Ha" moments of learning, reflections, inspiration and of course, LOTS of fun! We're excited to do what girlfriends do best...chat from the heart. Let's do this.
S3 EP11 Tales of Dating and Sex After 50, Featuring the "Anonymous Cougar"S3 EP10 Finding Fifty, Featuring Jill Carlyle, Author, Educator and FeministS3 EP9 Completely Fit, Featuring Kim Kelly, Founder of Kim Kelly FitS3 EP8  How To Rock Your Midlife, Featuring Ellen Albertson, Psychologist and Best Selling AuthorS3 EP7 Running Back 2021 and Goals For 2022, Featuring Ilene Lamb and Michele LesherS3 EP6 Risks and Rewards of Pivoting Our Talents, Featuring Deena Von Yokes, Self Made ExtraordinaireS3 EP5 Embracing Change In Holiday Traditions, Featuring Stephany Erlbeck, Founder of Steph's Fit CultureS3 EP4 Social Media: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, Featuring DR. Lori Fishman, Clinical Psychologist, Teen Therapist and Parent ConsultantS3 EP3 A Lesson In Human Design, Featuring Jackie Grossman, Human Design CoachS3 EP2:  Creating Your Health Team, Featuring Ronnie Loaiza, Creator of Fab After 50 Women's Wellness HubS3 EP1:  Confessions of a Plastic Surgery Coach, Featuring Michelle Emmick, Co-Founder of AskMyCoachMD.com and Ask Us Beauty Magazine
We spend enormous amounts of money on coaches, trainers, instructors, tutors and counselors for ourselves and our children.  However, when it comes to contemplating changing our bodies and faces, we don't invest with the same rigor, do we?  Enter in Michelle Emmick, Founder of MyCoachMD, a platform that provides consumers education and support PRIOR to having an elective cosmetic procedure.  After spending over 20 years working inside the field of aesthetics, Michelle decided to put her behind the scenes, inside working knowledge into coaching potential patients in their options, avenues and what to expect before an elective cosmetic surgical procedure.  After writing her Amazon Best-seller, "Blue Collar Beauty, Confessions of a Plastic Surgery Coach," Michelle started in earnest working with as many potential patients as possible.  Using her insights, she helps to dispel misinformation, social media misconceptions and the daunting volume of technologies and options,  in order for patients to achieve the best possible experiences and outcomes.   In addition to the "Ask Us Community," Michelle  Co-Founded "Ask Us Beauty,"  an online magazine that collaborates with authentic women in the fields of beauty and wellness.  Michelle is the epitome of wanting the best for other women and to strive to lift one another up,  She is the perfect kick-off guest for our new season, as sisterhood is at her core and in her DNA.  She is the definition of wanting other women to live their "10" lives.  Her story, her truthful insights and her guidance is a must for anyone considering a cosmetic procedure.
Nov 14 2021
55 mins
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