Unlock Your Inner Author: Establishing a Successful Brand with Stephanie A. Wynn

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Mar 28 2023 • 51 mins

When Stephanie A. Wynn, world-renowned author, marketing strategist, and passionate mentor to purpose-driven individuals, embarks on a mission to teach them how to go beyond book sales and build a successful author business, she must navigate the exciting yet often overwhelming world of marketing and PR.

"Someone is waiting for you to show up for them, but they can't do what they need to do because you're not showing up. And so sometimes maybe it's fear, fear of failure. Well, if you don't do anything, you failed yourself, right? So we got to look at it from we got to get out of our own way."

Stephanie A. Wynn is an author, entrepreneur, and IBD survivor. She is the author of I've Published My Book, Now What? A Simple Guide to Establishing a Successful Brand, and is passionate about helping purpose-driven individuals turn their books into successful brands.

Stephanie A. Wynn is a world-renowned author, marketing strategist, and passionate about helping purpose-driven individuals to publish their books, build an author brand and go beyond the book sale. With adversity, Stephanie learned to realize her purpose and to tell her story, which could help someone else. She urges authors to get their book edited professionally and to have a marketing strategy in place before selling. Stephanie's message is clear: believe in your book and operate in excellence for an impactful author business.

In this episode, you will learn the following:

1. How to publish your book and build an author brand before you start promoting or doing any marketing or any selling.

2. The importance of proper editing and formatting for your book before you upload it to Amazon.

3. What to include in a successful 30 day marketing calendar to promote your author brand on social media.


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