041: Becoming a Commercial Real Estate Professional with Dan Lewkowicz

Real Estate Runway

Feb 16 2022 • 19 mins

In today’s episode, I’m very happy to do a podcast swap with Dan Lewkowicz. I was on his show “Dan On Top”; I encourage you to check it out! Without further ado, I’m excited to introduce Dan on the show. He is a seasoned real estate veteran with over 15 years of experience in all facets of real estate. The current director of investment sales at Encore Real Estate Investment Services, the director of content at Dan On Top and one of the partners and founding members of CRE PRO suite of services. Dan is driven to #AddValue and believe by doing so, everything else will follow.

Stay tuned until the end to know how to become a real estate broker !

Getting to know Ava  and August - [00:01 – 05:02]

  • Dan shares a bit of his background and work.
    • CRE PRO: Mentorship programs
    • A suite of services for commercial real estate investors.
    • Support, training and guidance in real estate.

Becoming a Commercial Real Estate Broker  [05:03 – 13:00]

  • Learning everything by himself through working with mentors and great businesses.
    • Created a company called Disability Made Easy.
  • Dan introduces the CRE PRO Course.
    • Designed to give people what he didn’t have.
    • Give access to the community.
    • Getting into the industry.
  • The Lewkowicz Group.
    • A brokerage team
    • Represent buyers and sellers of different types.
    • Advise clients on strategies to increase their portfolio.
  • Getting benefits of helping others.
    • Buy deals that other people don’t buy.
    • Provide freedom
    • Achieve your own investment goals.
  • Learn from people that are doing amazing deals

The Quattro Trio - [13:01 - 19:50]

  • What is your superpower?
    • His smile.
  • What is your biggest failure?
    • Personal: Listen to one family member to stop flipping.
    • Business: Buying properties without air conditioning.
  • How to connect with Dan.
    • Links below
  • Final words

Tweetable Quotes:

I grew up in this industry, I got trained from watching things hands on from my family members, and from my friends, and from my mentors, and I took all of that information, and I compiled it into a course ” - Dan Lewkowicz

I'm learning from the best of the best, which is incredible, just helped me as a mentor and as an educator to just really refine myself, because I'm learning from people that are doing mega deals.” - Dan Lewkowicz

Resources Mentioned:

You can connect with Dan on LinkedIn. You can also email him at dan@CREProCourse.com or call 248-943-2838

Go and visit The Lewkowicz Group , they are ready to help you maximize your profits, acquire the ideal property for your business or investment portfolio, and exceed your expectations!

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