004: What It Takes To Survive And To Thrive with Kim Wendland

Real Estate Runway

May 19 2021 • 55 mins

Welcome back to Real Estate Runway! In this episode, I am joined by Kim Wendland. She is my partner at The QuattroWay group and is a COVID survivor. She has some amazing stories to share with you today that you can use both in life and in business.

Listen in as we dig deep into what takes to survive and to thrive even after dealing with the toughest challenges in life.

Key Takeaways:

Kim’s COVID story - [00:01 - 19:08]

  • Building mental toughness
  • When there’s nothing else left to do, you try one more thing

What it takes to survive and to thrive (Courage): Fight - [19:09 - 26:33]

  • Fear is a call to courage. And sometimes that courage takes the form of a real fistfight.

What it takes to survive and to thrive (Courage): Surrender - [26:34 - 38:07]

  • It is time to TRUST. It is time to give up personal control for peace.
  • Discerning when to fight and when to surrender takes a lot of wisdom.

What it takes to survive and to thrive (Courage): Perseverance [38:08 - 45:50]

  • You have to give way to a calm, deliberate, patient, water-dripping kind of action that is Perseverance.
  • Perseverance is the clearest form of Courage there is.

Kim’s Takeaway - [45:51 - 55:22]

  • Courage is critical to all of our success in life and in real estate.
  • Within you is more courage than you know. You have more power within you than you know.
  • What is your superpower as it relates to business or profession?
  • What is your biggest failure to date and what it did teach you?
  • What philanthropic calls you’d like us to promote?

Tweetable Quotes:

“When there’s nothing else left to do, you try one more thing.” - Chad Sutton

“Fear is a call to courage. Whether that fear is based on danger or whether that fear has to do with pure emotion about something may or may not pass. In ALL cases Fear is a call to Courage.” - Kim Wendland

“Discerning when to fight and when to surrender takes a lot of wisdom.” - Kim Wendland

“Sometimes taking that step, taking that leap is surrendering. It is surrendering and trusting that before your foot hits the ground or before you go crashing down into the forest, you’re gonna find safe ground and flying is easier than you think.” - Chad Sutton

“A big part of being an accountable business person is accepting responsibility for what happened and NEVER EVER NEVER letting that happen again.” - Kim Wendland

Connect with Kim online https://www.thequattroway.com/kim-wendland or visit her personal website: https://kimwendland.com/. You can also check her out on social media LinkedIn (in/kimwendland), Facebook (@kim.wendland), and Twitter (@WendlandKim).

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