159: The Power of Positive Mindset with Tommy Newberry

Real Estate Runway

Sep 26 2023 • 51 mins

Transform with Tommy: Mindset, Growth, Kindness!

In this episode, Tommy Newberry, a New York Times Bestselling Author with a 32-year track Record of Coaching Successful Entrepreneurs, inspires by sharing his transformative journey, emphasizing the importance of resilience, a positive mindset, and continual self-improvement. He sheds light on the significant impact of small acts of kindness and the pursuit of balance in achieving overall well-being. His insights highlight the value of community effort and individual responsibility in fostering a harmonious and progressive society. Through his reflections, Tommy offers a motivating perspective on overcoming challenges and contributing to collective growth and development


[00:00 - 12:02] Exploring Mindset with Tommy Newberry of the 1% Club

  • Tommy Newberry is a 32-year veteran of the coaching profession, helping entrepreneurs get to the next level and working with them in all areas of life
  • Tommy advocates for a holistic coaching approach focusing on both professional and personal life aspects
  • He underscores the importance of mindset in achieving both personal and professional success. His 1% Club focuses on mindset broken down into five different categories
  • Tommy prioritizes building enduring relationships with clients to facilitate deep, lasting transformations
  • Excellence in all life areas, including faith, marriage, parenthood, fitness, and business, highlighting the need for balanced development is emphasized

[12:03 - 23:48] Mastering Mindset to Achieve Success in Life and Business

  • Mindset is a series of decisions we make that form who we are
  • Clarity is essential to having the right mindset
  • Success requires acting from the standpoint of already achieved goals; being ‘there’ mentally before actually arriving
  • Real change starts from within; altering mindset precedes changing external circumstances
  • Happiness is attained through positive focus and clarity in purpose, contrasting with focusing on negatives and flaws

[23:49 - 37:18] Tactical Goals, Empowering Routines, and Influential Networks

  • Tommy recommends structuring long-term visions into manageable weekly tasks through interim three-year and quarterly goals for focused progress
  • Daily ‘bookend’ routines, emphasizing well-being and quality sleep, are crucial for maintaining optimal conditions for goal achievement
  • Effective execution, requiring regular reflection and adjustments, is emphasized to align daily actions with long-term visions
  • The influence of a supportive and challenging peer group is crucial for developing a mindset conducive to personal growth and goal clarity
  • Respond to the world's challenges in a way that keeps you on track to reach your master vision

[37:19 - 51:34] Empowering Positivity: Tommy's Insightful Perspective on Mindset and Societal Contribution

  • Tommy underlines the importance of emphasizing positive thoughts, referencing Philippians 4:8, for improved life satisfaction
  • He illustrates the tendency to dwell on the negative and advises a shift in focus to positive aspects to alter life perceptions
  • Tommy highlights how positivity can fuel growth in both personal and professional spheres, changing perceptions of opportunities and challenges
  • He expresses his commitment to fighting Alzheimer's and stresses the need to educate the youth on the benefits of a free market


"Life is intended to be difficult, and hardships should be used to come out better on the other side." - Tommy Newberry

"Life is a manifestation of our mindset. When we harbor positivity, we attract constructive energies that propel us forward." - Tommy Newberry

"In order to lead a fulfilled life, one must consistently nurture and develop their intellectual, emotional, and spiritual selves." - Tommy Newberry

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