F1RST and the Sports Academy at The Star "Just Walk Forward, Sighs and Cold Showers"

The TTPOA Podcast

Feb 28 2022 • 2 hrs 17 mins

In this episode we sit down with husband and wife team Chase and Heather Twedell of F1RST (First Responder Stress and Trauma) and Nate from the Sports Academy at The Star.


Dr. Heather Twedell received her doctorate in forensic psychology from Alliant University in 2011.  She is a licensed psychologist in the states of Texas and California.  Dr. Twedell's work with first responders, along with her family ties to law enforcement, gives her a strong appreciation and understanding of the culture and stressors specific to first responders.

Nate is one of the co-founding partners of Sports Academy and directs the elite performance programs in the facility. Nate also directly works with Sports Academy’s actor & entertainer program to develop role transformations and facilitates on sight training. Groups such as Netflix and Warner Bros. have contracted Nate as an onsite trainer. Nate also oversees and Sports Academy Tennis performance program. Nate became the head performance coach for Maria Sharapova in 2019.