Sandy Wall "The Long Road Home"

The TTPOA Podcast

Mar 24 2023 • 1 hr 12 mins

On this episode we sit down with “Sandy” Wall.  Sandy is a retired Master Peace Officer and a 28-year veteran of the Houston Police Department. He has worked in Patrol, Narcotics, and has served 22 years on the HPD SWAT Detail. He served as a Team Leader for more than 12 years.

After Law Enforcement he worked for Safariland Group as Director of Training for 15 years.

He co-authored, “Training the SWAT Trainer”. (Thomas publishing)

He is a multi-patent owner and inventor of the WallBanger Tactical System. Owner and CEO of Less Lethal Options, LLC.

He has been recognized in the U.S. Federal Courts as a subject matter expert in Less Lethal Munitions and Tactics. He serves on the Advisory Board of the Texas Tactical Police Officers Association and Tactical Response Magazine. He has instructed for the FBI, TTPOA, MSTOA, CATO, NTOA, LTPOA, ATOA, Florida SWAT Association, CATI, ALERRT and the US State Department.

Check out his new book "The Long Ride Home"
When Andy, a fresh-faced, naïve young man escapes his small town in Texas to embark on a career to become a big city cop, his life is changed forever. When he joins the Houston Police Department, his experiences, sometimes exciting, sometimes shocking force him to confront evils that most of us could never imagine, all while keeping his own demons at bay.
After ten years of service as a beat cop, and fighting crime in the dangerous world of narcotics in the nation's fourth-largest city, Andy accepts the ultimate challenge, joining the Houston SWAT Team. His limits are tested like never before and he finds himself living on the edge where he must face his greatest fears, and finally confront the adversaries who have taunted him along the way.