Regis Grenier: Unlocking internal insights to guide strategic marketing, always providing value to scientists, and building trust through genuine content

Life, Science and Marketing

Dec 5 2023 • 39 mins

Life, Science, and Marketing Podcast: Episode 9

Guest: Regis Grenier, sales and marketing expert

Regis’ Background:

  • 25+ years in sales and marketing roles at companies like Bio-Rad and Tecan
  • Now an independent marketing consultant

Key Discussion Points:

  • Strategically positioning products or services in the minds of target customers
  • Creating content marketing that truly resonates with scientists
  • Tapping internal knowledge to guide sales and marketing strategy
  • Consistently delivering value to science-driven buyers
  • Building trust by leading with credible content rather than aggressive sales pitches

Key Quotes:

  • "My daily obsession is 'Am I delivering value?' Especially in technical, scientific areas I constantly challenge myself on that when creating content."
  • "The goal is creating marketing that doesn't seem like marketing - valuable content solving problems."
  • "Especially in scientific segments, deeply understand the market value of what you're marketing before exaggerating claims. Be realistic - scientists will know if you overstate things."
  • "Take advantage too of partners eager to co-market integrations or other strengths once you start sharing those externally."