The Reasonably Amazing Adventures of Flash

Mindstream Players

Full cast audio fiction with the Mindstream Players: Original audio drama, comedies, and reimagined classic radio adaptations. New episodes are out!

Relive radio legends from a very silly new version of the 'Flash Gordon' radio series to a serious 'Dracula' in exciting new adaptations, alongside original audio comedy and dramas, only with Mindstream.  Season 1  is the Reasonably Amazing Adventures of Flash Gordon episodes .  Season 2 is a variety of stand alone episodes including "Scrooge: The Festivus Incident," "The Hairy-Handed Hitchhiker," " Sorry Wrong Number 2023, "Sherlock Holmes Case of the Exploding Christmas Puddings," "Dracula,"  "Red Wind," "The Shadow."

Experience the magic of immersive sound design and original music in Mindstream's expertly crafted audio dramas.  Mindstream is a must-listen for any fan of immersive storytelling.

The narratives of Mindstream come to life through the talented cast of voice actors featuring star power like Vernon Wells, Tom Konkle, Stephanie Stearns Dulli, Kurtis Bedford, Bob Clendenin, Tanya Johnson, Theresa Ireland, and David Beeler, Mindstream boasts stellar acting that brings stories to life.

Produced by Tom Konkle and Kurtis Bedford.
Directed and edited by Tom Konkle.

Mindstream is a labor of love that showcases the expertise and creativity of its production team. The episodes are enhanced with immersive sound effects and mix by Vince Colavitti and Tom Konkle, adding depth and dimension to the storytelling.
In addition to the stellar performances and production, Mindstream sometimes features original music by Bryan Arata and public domain sources.
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