How to Find Faith in the Small Things (w/Tecia Janes & Andra Pape from Choosing Him Ministries)

Imagine Yourself Podcast

Apr 1 2023 • 35 mins

There are times our faith gets shaken. Whether by personal circumstances or what’s happening in the world, we can find ourselves struggling. If you’re in that space right now or your faith could use some reinforcement, we invite you to look at the little things inside you and around you that can strengthen your resolve and your relationship with God.

Our guests are Tecia Janes & Andra Pape from Choosing Him Ministries.Their organizationserves women with Bible studies, devotionals, and a podcast. They are here to remind us that whatever place or season we are in life, we can not only prosper and persevere in our faith walk; but also make an impact in the lives of others. Everyone has something to offer and a story to tell. It may seem insignificant to us, but small things can turn into big things when we involve God.

If you’d like a boost for your faith and your confidence that you are walking in God’s will for your life, click play for some awesome inspiration.

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