Life of Christ Lesson 97: Sending the Seventy

The Caldwell Commentaries Podcast

May 25 2022 • 1 hr 9 mins

Luke 10:1-24

In Luke chapter 10 (begun with this lesson), we learn that whether Christians are in the harvest field (i.e. the seventy disciples sent forth as Christ's messengers and laborers), or on the highways of life (i.e. "the good Samaritan" of 10:25-37), or in the home (i.e. Martha and Mary in 10:38-42), our highest and greatest privilege is to be doing the will of God.

Prior to sending forth seventy disciples (not the 12 Apostles), in pairs, to the villages and cities of Judea and Perea, the Lord Jesus commissioned them with what is called His "Ordination Sermon" (Luke 10:1-16).  Their task would not be easy; the harvest was great, but the laborers are few, He said, as He also warned them they would be "as lambs among wolves" (10:2, 3).  They were to rely on God to supply their provisions.  They needed to realize the urgency of their work and not get side-tracked.  They were to go forth as ambassadors of peace, bringing the message of how to have peace with God through belief in the Prince of Peach, Jesus Christ.

The Lord gave these men the miraculous power to heal the sick and deliver the demonically possessed.  Christ's words to the Seventy reveal to us that there are degrees of punishment in Hell.  Listen to hear!  He also told the Seventy that He had watched as Satan fell out of Heaven!  Listen to learn!  He warns strongly about the danger of pride, and told them that the thing for which they should most rejoice was not their earthly successes, but that their names were written in Heaven!

In this lesson, we learn of the only time in Scripture where Jesus is said to have "rejoiced"!   WHAT caused that rejoicing in His spirit?   Hopefully, you want to know so you can be part of that which brings Him the greatest joy!  Need to listen, however, to find out what it is!