The Frankie Files: Cults, Mind Control, Sexuality In Society

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For Survivors, by a survivor. Each Tuesday: 1st Tues. Mind Control, 2nd Tues. Sexuality, 3rd Tues. Cults, 4th Tues. Adult Children of Cults, 5th Tues. Interviews. In The Frankie Files, I use my time as an entertainment writer, my college radio and studies of voice over, as well as my own survival story to shed a light on cults, mind control, sexuality, and the challenge they present in today's world for any of us who have successfully stayed alive. Especially the adult children of cults. Subscribe & Follow! Support this podcast: https://anchor.fm/frankie-tease/support

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Jan 28 2022
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The Frankie Files Ep. 15 ~ Religion & Sexuality - Scam!The Frankie Files ~ Ep. 14 ~ Media Control & Propaganda for Mind ControlThe Frankie Files ~ Ep. 13 ~ Sleep Deprivation / Muscle Memory and How That Effects Us Long Term.The Frankie Files ~ Ep. 12 ~ Morningland Church Rebranded The Monastery ~ Full Editorial ReportThe Frankie Files ~ Ep. 11 ~ Sexual Mind Control... It's RealThe Frankie Files ~ Ep. 10 ~ Full Report on Sarah Lawrence College Sex Cult Trial ~ Mind ControlThe Frankie Files ~ Ep. 9 ~ Special Guest My Mom on Morningland Church & Cult Awareness NetworkThe Frankie Files ~ Ep. 8 ~ Addiction to Group ~ Sarah Lawrence Cult ~ Heaven's GateThe Frankie Files ~ Ep. 7 ~ MenticideThe Frankie Files ~ Ep. 6 ~ Can Sex Assault Survivors Be Sex? Epstein UpdateThe Frankie Files ~ Ep. 5 ~ The AmygdalaThe Frankie Files ~ Ep. 4 ~ Intro to Adult Children of CultsThe Frankie Files ~ Ep. 3 ~ Unethical HypnosisThe Frankie Files ~ Ep. 2 ~ Victim Shaming ~ Epstein & Nassar TrialsThe Inaugural Episode of The Frankie Files ~ Propaganda for Mind ControlThe Frankie Files Podcast TrailerPSA ~ Stop the Texts Stop the Wrecks x9DqIEiXmWBpGrDIy6VH