The New Era of Spiritual Wellness

Inside Out Wellness

Mar 24 2021 • 17 mins

34.  It's not about connecting the purpose of your health to a weight or size of the past. You're better than that! It's about connecting the purpose of your health to your God-given/divine PURPOSE!

This truth has never been more powerful or clear to me. And as such, the mission of WholeHardy Health, LLC is pivoting relentlessly into the direction of Spiritual  Wellness.

On today's episode of The Inside Out Wellness Podcast, you'll hear how Team WholeHardy Health will be helping wellness deprived & spiritually intrigued women get Mentally, Spiritually, and Physically Fit - NOT for the sake of being the skinniest mom or fittest friend - butso they can show up for their God-given/divine purpose focused, energized, and READY for all signs & opportunities.

It's a new method we're calling HEALTHEOLOGY. And we cannot wait to see how it transforms your body, mind, and soul.

Here we go ...



Inner Boss / Outer Balance

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