Everyone has Mental Health, and a Divine Purpose - with Latrese Kabuya

Inside Out Wellness

Feb 24 2021 • 1 hr

33. Have you ever felt lost or stuck in life, and you would have loved to talk to a legit third party about it, but you didn't think it was "serious" enough to seek the professional help of a therapist?

Do you feel like you may have taken a wrong turn somewhere on your journey - perhaps saying no to one thing, and yes to another - only to be left wondering if you're not living your purpose?

If either or both of these circumstances vibe with you, you're gonna dig the energetic wisdom flowing from today's guest!

Latrese Kabuya of @tresekabuya and www.LatreseKabuya.com is a former beauty industry maven, TV and Radio personality, fun-loving wife, and mama of FIVE daughters! With her education in Organizational Leadership and Social Work, coupled with her passion for helping young women THRIVE, she was MADE to deliver the messages of hope, love, and purpose she gives us today.

I can't wait to hear what you take away from Episode 33, sunshine!




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