Brewery 048 - ALT Brew - Madison, WI

Pour Another Round

Feb 3 2022 • 51 mins

ALT Brew. Alternative Brew. This brewery has nailed the gluten free beer out of necessity for a loved one with severe celiacs. They also brew beer for anyone with food sensitivities. So serious are they about this, there is an absolute-do-not-cross-contamination line before heading onto their brewery floor. There's also a page on the ALT Brew website that lists every ingredient in each of their beers.

But their beer is also for the beer drinker. ALT Brew has spent countless recipes tweaks to get the highest quality beer made with the highest quality ingredients that contain no gluten. They have the stouts and the IPAs and the barrel-aged-beers and everything in between.

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This episode is brought to you by MobCraft Beer.

Henry Schwartz of MobCraft Beer in Milwaukee, WI has a true entrepreneurial spirit and a creative mind. He's always on and always plotting. Growth and success seem to be woven into who he is.

MobCraft Beer crowdsources ideas and turn them into beer. Now they're looking to crowdfund investments and turn them into new breweries in Denver, CO to Waterford, WI to Woodstock, IL and beyond!

There's an entire WeFunder page outlining the details of what it looks like to invest in MobCraft, how your investments will be used, what perks and benefits you get out of the investment, what the plan is for you to actual get an ROI on your investment, and everything else you need to know. The FAQ section has even more details... and if you don't see information you're looking for, Henry challenged listeners to submit questions to try and stump him.

Pour Another Round has never had aspirations of opening a brewery, but we thought the opportunity to be part of something like this was pretty sweet! We just had our brew-day at MobCraft Beer in Milwaukee, which was a wildly fantastic experience!