Brewery 053 - Commerce Street Brewery - Mineral Point, WI

Pour Another Round

Mar 10 2022 • 55 mins

Mike talks about following his dreams of running a brewery and hotel operation - and we're here for it! What better set-up than to hang out at a brewery all day and then be able to head upstairs to your hotel room.

This small town in southwestern Wisconsin has a tie to the late, great Betty White. Commerce Street Brewery has a buy-a-friend-a-beer-board. Patrons began buying Betty White beers. She accumulated thousands of beers! Commerce Street Brewery will be donating those funds to local no-kill animal shelters!

Mike is passionate about creating a brewery that invests in its small town of Mineral Point. Stop by and hang out with locals and regulars, as well as visitors, enjoying pints together. Be sure to get a Betty White story out of your drinking sessions, everyone's got one and you're likely never going to hear the same story.

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