Ep 2.1 - Spiced Rum, Patch, Music and Goonies

Only Slightly Drunk

Aug 25 2021 • 1 hr 7 mins

We're back with more chat, facts and booze, this time with Spiced Rum in tow.

This episode, there's so much content we've had to split it into two parts!

Part 1 contains Wetting The Whistle, and our A Quiet Drink with... is a fantastically entertaining and interesting interview with Patch Collins in which we talk about his love of playing live music, his inspirations, the bands he's played with and even which artists he thinks are over-rated.

As a bonus, Patch plays two live acoustic tracks for us, which are just fantastic to listen to.

Patch was a wonderfully garrulous and witty guest, and we know you're going to love listening to us getting Only Slightly Drunk with him.

Part 2, containing Fizz or Flat, Toast to the Goat, Sobering Thoughts, TWAT and Last Orders coming very soon!