S2.E18: The future of cyber security

Biz Bytes

Aug 10 2021 • 36 mins

Despite what we'll tell you, technology isn't the fastest-changing industry.

That honour goes to Cyber Security.

As we see new advances in technology we also need to keep up with protecting and securing the devices and systems we use. While the cyber security industry has been able to adapt as they go, the universities have also joined the fight and are now training the next wave of cyber security specialists.

Through this course, students learn how to put themselves in the shoes of the attacker, and the customer. Because you can't guarantee an attack will never happen, you just need to make it as difficult as possible to be successful.

In today's episode, I catch up with Sam Glanfield to find out why she chose a major in Cyber Security, what the course covers, and what the future might hold.

About the Guest

Sam is a 3rd-year university student studying towards a Bachelor of Engineering with a major in Cyber Security. When she's not learning how to identify and manage cyber threats, Sam is putting everything into practice as part of Kiwirail's cyber security team.