S2.E20: AI won’t fix Diversity and Inclusion, but it may hurt it

Biz Bytes

Sep 7 2021 • 58 mins

When Joe Santana ran a recent survey on AI tools, 63% of HR professionals who responded thought that introduction of AI would make the organisation more balanced.

But will it?

Or could AI make a company less diverse if it’s not delivered correctly?

In this episode, I talk with Joe about the potential impact of AI on diversity, equity, and inclusion. We discuss how it could affect an organisation’s ability to secure and retain the best talent in the world and consider how it could create a system that is infinitely a gamble.

About the guest
Joe Santana is Chairman of the CDO PowerCircle, an association of diversity, equity, and inclusion leaders serving well-known companies that collectively generate close to three-quarters of a trillion dollars and employ close to a million people around the globe.

Joe is also the host of the ERG PowerTalk podcast, which you'll find at https://linktr.ee/Joesan58