Morning Briefing: How is 2023 looking for Canada’s CRE investment market?

WP Talk

Jan 11 2023 • 4 mins

Your WP Morning Briefing brings you a daily update of the stories we’re covering at including:

  • Investors in Canada’s commercial real estate (CRE) market will remain exposed to risk from several economic factors in 2023.
  • Hour-long interviews with almost 80 billionaires with an average US$4.9 billion by JP Morgan Private Bank has revealed how some of the world’s wealthiest families manage their fortunes.
  • New research by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) shows that over seventy-six percent (76%) of small business owners are expecting to sell their company within the next 10 years.

These stories in full at and in our newsletters, plus: Evolve Funds Group officially launches new yield funds; Ontario farmland’s long history of phenomenal growth; and after 2022’s perfect storm, are REITs poised for a breaking dawn?