#47: What About Whatsapp

Liquid Barcodes Loyalty Podcast

Nov 1 2020 • 8 mins

With over 2 billion users on its messaging platform, there's no doubt that What'sapp is the most powerful communication tool in the world.

Already dominating customer conversations, this article discusses the platform's latest surge in popularity and some of the innovative ways that commercial brands and other services such as the World Health Organisation are leveraging the scale and simplicity of the platform to support their customers.

We discusses examples of the platform being used for both grocery ordering and pharmacy supplies, with emerging markets in particular creating exciting concepts that leverage Whatsapp's extraordinary power.

Simplicity and effective communication are both well documented drivers as a driver of customer loyalty, so in this article we discuss the extraordinary potential to leverage Whatsapp to support customer communication and connection and ultimately drive more loyalty.

Show Notes:

1) What About What'sApp - Loyalty article on Liquid Barcodes