#57: Circle K Car Wash Subscription Concept Proves Commercially Compelling

Liquid Barcodes Loyalty Podcast

Jan 10 2021 • 13 mins

Circle K is one of the world's most respected retail brands, operating gas stations, convenience stores and also the world's largest car wash network with over 2,750 locations across Europe and North America.

This podcast discusses Circle K's latest innovation in their car wash category and showcases the power of their car wash subscription program to drive both margin and volume.

The case study highlights the strategic insights that led to Circle K becoming one of the first car wash operators to adopt the subscription model in multiple markets, including products for individual consumers, corporate customers and families.

Liquid Barcodes is proud to be supporting this exciting innovation in the car wash business, so listen to this episode of our Live Loyalty podcast to understand the challenges & insights from this case study that explains the power of subscription programs to create "extreme loyalty".

Show Notes:

1) Loyalty article - Circle K Car Wash Subscription Concept Proves Commercially Compelling

2) Lars Hecht - Global Lead, Car Wash Category Director at Circle K