People Who Read People: A Behavior and Psychology Podcast

Zachary Elwood

A podcast about understanding human behavior, hosted by Zachary Elwood (twitter: @apokerplayer). Interviews with people from a wide range of fields about how understanding people aids them in their endeavors, with an occasional focus on the psychology of political polarization.
Rittenhouse verdict reactions and political polarizationThe scientific analysis of conversation, with Saul AlbertTracking people over land, aka "sign cutting," with Rob SpeidenWhat does research say about how social media affects polarization?, with Emily KubinUnderstanding behavior and psychology as a professional musician, with Ben Tyler (aka Small Skies)Nostalgia and our attraction to the past, with Jannine LasaletaIs paying so much attention to politics hurting us?, with Chris FreimanHow has polarization affected beliefs about election security?, with Jennifer CohnDoes blaming "media" help us avoid personal responsibility?, with Elizaveta FriesemReading poker tells, with Dara O'KearneyWhat are the factors in American police violence? (pt 2), with police captain James MitchellWhy do so many people want to watch the world burn?, with Kevin ArceneauxWhat is quarterback Ben Roethlisberger's tell?, with Jon HoeflingCan gender identity theory itself create gender dysphoria?, with Carey CallahanHow might we better connect with people?, with Ted Brodkin and Ashley PallathraReading tells in the video game Apex Legends, with Brandon Singer, aka NocturnalReading opponent tells in tennis, with Carlos GoffiWhy are American cops so violent? (pt 1), with police captain James MitchellLiving with anxiety, with Scott Stossel, national editor of The AtlanticPsychological and environmental factors in psychosis and schizophrenia, with Nathan Filer