S2E12 - Reaching Success Solely on Fine Art Galleries with guest Jeffrey Stoner

The Artist APPEALS: The 7 Step System to Make Money with Your Art

May 4 2020 • 1 hr 5 mins

Many artists live in fear that they will not be able to achieve financial stability through strictly just selling their artwork. This is a major concern or setback for many amazing artists. Jeffrey Stoner is a fine art photographer who proved the world wrong. Jeffrey up and left his stable corporate job to follow his dream of fine art, and today he has found success by following his dream. Jeffrey’s artwork is featured in ten galleries on the East coast, his art is collected by interior designers and one of his biggest art fans is a famous country rock singer. Although it can be frightening and risky for artist to rely on their artwork alone, Jeffrey is proof that it is possible and fine art galleries are not dying. Jeffrey shares his story with this week’s listeners, as well as some helpful tips and tricks. These tips that Jeffrey shares will help to guide artists in the right direction towards success. Some important factors Jeffrey touches base on are things such as… choosing the proper galleries, the importance of and how to maintain communication with galleries, how to utilize one’s galleries to reach success and much more. Jeffrey’s story is inspiring because he shows the world that, contrary to popular belief, putting fears aside and chasing your dreams is never out of reach.

In this episode you’ll hear:

[2:30] Jeffrey’s Photography and Animal Niche

[5:45] The Botney Project’s Impact on Jeffrey

[10:40] How/Why Jeffrey Pursued his Photography Dream

[15:00] As his Gallery Exposure Grew, His Motivation for Art Grew... Leaving the Corporate World Behind

[17:40] Starting New After Relocating to Reach Success

[22:20] Listening to Other’s

[24:30] Products Produced from Photography/Marketing Material

[28:22] Jeffrey’s Evolution of Educating Utilizing his Artwork

[30:15] Choosing Galleries

[31:50] Tracking Gallery Sales and Gallery Sale Incentive

[38:00] Newsletters, Guestbooks and Software for Amplifying

[41:50] Communicating with Galleries

[44:05] Gallery Contracts and Details

[47:54] Do Galleries Expect Exclusivity?

[50:00] Open Edition Print Process

[53:00] Owning Artwork, Sign Your Work

[54:17] What’s for you, Gallery or Art Shows?

[56:30] Success is Striking Others and Balancing Efforts

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